“More Apostles”

"The Twelve Apostles"

Port Campbell, Victoria, Australia
November 10, 2015

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Copyright © 2016 Douglas M. Landback

The previous image I posted was taken from an observation deck facing the west. I pressed the shutter on the camera mid-afternoon.

Even a casual shooter knows, the “golden moment” for any outdoor shot is when the sun is low and warm, preferrably behind the camera.

The “golden moment” for my westerly view would have been eight hours earlier, just after dawn. As a result, the limestone pillars are, more or less, in silhouette and the lighting is flat. The view is still fairly dramatic…but photographically, I give it a C+.

The good news?

There are a few “apostles” to the east of the visitor area/jetty. And while I had to fight my way through an entire busload of Japanese tourists armed with selfie sticks, I was able to snag this shot. The view is not as interesting, but the afternoon sun was scrumptious. The “apostles” really pop. It’s a B+, maybe even an A-.

Photography Tip of the Day: To get the best image, keep the sun behind you…or simply look for the biggest crowd of Japanese tourists with selfie sticks.

Here endeth the lesson.