I have a connection!

I’m taking it easy today.

Tomorrow is Venice. A big day. It marks the completion of the first 21 days of this cruise (which are pretty much a blur, aside from a few lingering blisters). Twenty-eight more to go.

In Venice, we will be off-loading about 75% of the current passengers and about a fifth of the crew. I’ve been told we’ll only be taking on a few hundred new passengers and will cruise into the final port at about half capacity.

I have been joking with people onboard that by the time we get to Singapore, I’ll be mixing my own drinks and making my own bunk.

The other reason I’m going easy today is because I’ll be back in Split again next week. The itinerary also includes another stop in Corfu, so I get a do-over at both ports.

Unfortunately, we won’t be returning to Montenegro on the way back down the Adriatic. Wow…what an incredibly beautiful place!