This boat is being driven by John’s cousin’s wife’s brother, Billy Allen, who is pretty much a god among Fast Boats.

Billy Allen is a second generation race driver but his roots in outboards date back farther than that, his grandfather Ramsey Allen worked directly for Mercury Outboard pioneer Carl Keikeafer and was one of the very first Mercury Outboard dealers in the Northeast US. Allen, a veteran of over thirty years of outboard racing, piloting both runabout and hydroplane hulls, has won over 10 US National Championships and 14 US National Points Champion in the Stock, Modified and PRO divisions of APBA. He has set 4 World Competition records and currently holds 2. He is the multi-time recipient of such distinguished APBA awards as the Paul Kalb Memorial Award in the Modified Division, the Gerald Waldman and the Henry Menzies Memorial Awards in the Stock Division and the Gilbert Peterman Memorial Award in the PRO Division. Billy has raced competitively in several classes but he currently races Stock classes C and 20 SuperStock hydro and PRO classes OSY-400, 125cc and 250cc hydro. Billy is also a 2 time APBA Hall of Champions inductee. There are few individuals in the sport of outboard racing with a record as diverse and accomplished as the U.S. A-Team captain.